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  • ACT Fulfillment has seen a 44% reduction in the number of claims they filed since partnering with Whiteboard.
  • This, combined with Whiteboard’s claims management, has resulted in $800,000 in savings in workers’ compensation premiums.
  • ACT Fulfillment’s X Mod decreased from 147 to 79.
  • Their X Mod fell to nearly half of what it was before – and their premiums did too.

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ACT Fulfillment is a third-party logistics company that provides order fulfillment services to e-commerce businesses. In 2020, ACT Fulfillment partnered with Whiteboard to reduce their workers’ compensation premiums.

“It was clear we didn’t have a partner in that space.”

The “X Mod” is a workers’ compensation rating factor that measures a company’s safety performance and the likelihood of future injuries. A high X Mod means that a company has a higher risk of workers’ compensation claims, which leads to drastically increased premiums.

“Work comp is a huge expense (with) claims and insurance…

it’s money that just no one’s looking at.”

Whiteboard’s triage process helped ACT Fulfillment significantly reduce the number of claims they filed each year. The triage process involves the dispatch of mobile technicians who are equipped to treat injuries at the job site, right where the injury occurred. Treating under the OSHA guidelines of first aid, the triage technicians are able to keep an average of 87% of injuries from entering the work comp system. By reducing the frequency of work comp claims, we significantly reduce the total claims cost per policy period, and this results in X Mod reduction.

“Working with Whiteboard is a valuable resource for us because they do everything.”

Whiteboard also helped ACT Fulfillment to close open claims and reduce their reserves. Reserves are claims dollars that the insurance company sets aside to pay for future workers’ compensation claim expenses. Closing open claims and reducing reserves is another way that Whiteboard’s approach helped ACT reduce the total claim cost per policy period (and therefore, reducing their X Mod).

As a result of their partnership with Whiteboard, ACT Fulfillment has seen a significant reduction in its workers’ compensation premiums. Additionally, we have a full team and proven strategies at their disposal – so we know that they can focus on running their business while Whiteboard has them covered for any injuries that may arise. Their staff, management, and bottom line are all much happier!

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