What is an X-Mod?

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What is an X-Mod (X Mod, XMod, EMR) The Purpose of Experience Rating California’s experience rating system is intended to provide Employers a direct financial incentive to reduce work-related accidents. The experience rating system objectively distributes the cost of workers’ compensation insurance more equitably among employers by determining which employer’s are more likely to

Insurance Claims Management of the Future is Here Today

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The Future of Insurance Claims Management At Whiteboard we pride ourselves on being the #1 resource for X Mod Management. We’ve built out our entire platform to have a strategy available for everything that could come your way with regards to Work Comp claims and their costs. However, there are undoubtedly issues that move

Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and Your Workers’ Compensation Premium

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How to Calculate Worker's Compensation Cost Per Employee If you’re like most business owners, you probably receive multiple Worker’s Compensation quotes every year. As you look quickly through multiple quotes, you’re looking at the bottom line – how much do they want you to pay this year? While the bottom line is, of course,

The Definitive Guide to Lowering Your X Mod in 2021

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Experience Modification Rate & X Mod Explained One of the biggest expenses for any business can be Workers Compensation Insurance. Knowing this, business owners and managers have a strong motivation to find ways to save on this expense while also protecting the company’s assets and mitigating risks. When navigating this often-confusing landscape, one of the

COVID-19: What it means for worker’s compensation?

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Covid-19 and Worker's Comp As of November 10, 2020, there have now been 50,592 COVID-19 related workers compensation claims reported in California this year - including 282 deaths. As the COVID-19 numbers across California continue to rise, with many of the states’ largest counties re-entering lockdowns (and enforcing harsh restrictions) it may be safe

As the market hardens, is it time to consider a Captive Program?

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Globally, rates are on the rise. It may be time for you to consider alternative risk financing.  Rising insurance rates is currently an international problem. Across all lines - regardless of efforts to minimize risk - risk managers are still seeing price hikes and restrictions in terms of the coverages they are offered.

Worker’s Compensation Fraud – Again!

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Insurance Adjuster and Chiropractor both arrested for over $1.6 Million in undeserved payouts.  Unfortunately, we see this all the time. An insurance adjuster and a chiropractor in California were just arrested for over $1.6 million paid out in undeserved insurance payments and both are now facing felony charges. Usually, the mention of "Work

COVID-19 and Workers’ Comp a Moving Target, But Some Certainties Exist for Employers

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CA Work Comp continues to navigate its response to COVID-19. California continues to focus on the health and well-being of its residents and workers, going beyond the precautions of almost every other state, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of it's population. Senate Bill 1159 (signed September 17th) makes effective a presumption that

Commercial Insurance: How to Unlock Big Growth During the Pandemic

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Unlocking Big Growth in Small Commercial Insurance COVID-19 has negatively impacted many businesses and industries over the course of the past 7 months. Despite the unusual times that we are all learning to adapt to, there is one industry that has experienced undeniably huge growth: the small commercial insurance sector. This sector includes

WCIRB – 2021 Pure Premium Rate Filing (Increase)

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January 1, 2021: Pure Premium Rate Filing - Set to Increase for the First Time in Years! Based on their recent posting of the attached article, the WCIRB is proposing to INCREASE the pure premium rates effective January 1, 2021. To put this into context: Pure Premium Filing rates have decreased every subsequent year