Carrier Partners: Enjoy the Whiteboard Effect.

Achieving best-in-class loss ratios for our mutual insureds.

Through their partnership with Whiteboard, our mutual clients implement a highly effective platform to significantly minimize claim frequency and claim severity. We develop custom risk-management systems for each client’s unique operations – all of which include a thorough education of the California Work Comp system and cutting-edge protocols to drive unrivaled results.

When you take on a client that’s partnered with Whiteboard, you can count on them to:

A Modern Platform of Proactive and Comprehensive Strategies.

With each client, we architect custom solutions to ensure the best result for each workplace injury. Many solutions apply to all clients – regardless of their operations. These include:

24/7 Bilingual Triage Response

Our injury response team provides fast, personalized, on-the-spot care to each injured worker. This system is proven to prevent 87% of injuries from having to be reported as a claim through self-care alternatives under the OSHA guidelines of First Aid.

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Personal Employee Liaisons

Work Comp claims are highly confusing to the average employee. We help them understand how to make appointments, help them arrange a ride to the clinic, help them with trouble getting prescriptions, and more. Making the employee feel confident with their care significantly reduces their desire to get help from an attorney.

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Comprehensive Claims Management

Our claims success liaisons help clients determine and understand the best strategy on all injuries that make it beyond triage and become a claim. We run ODGs, review Work Status reports, arrange modified duty – and, if the time comes, help the insured to understand settlement rationales.

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Interactive Claims Portal

We keep clients informed with real-time claim updates in their own interactive Claims Portal. By educating the employers on current status and strategy, they can pro-actively assist your adjusters with efficient handling – and won’t bog your claims team down looking for claim updates all the time.

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Insurance Policy Management

Each client gets their own Account Manager to help them understand all facets of their Work Comp policy and tools at their disposal.

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Fraud Prevention

We’ve partnered with a full-service, national investigations firm devoted to mitigating the risks of clients via insurance fraud and defense investigations. Whiteboard works directly with them to assign at binding, starting the process without having to initially involve the doctor.

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Unlimited HR Support

The line between an HR issue and a Work Comp issue can be blurry for many employers. By providing them SPHR help for anything adjacent, they get the answers they need without needing to check in with your team.

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Safety Training & Resource Library

The best injury is the one that never happens. We equip all clients with a variety of safety resources including hundreds of virtual safety training classes, on-site safety inspections, and formal training on-site as needed.

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Custom Media Projects

Our clients utilize our media team to ensure all employees are up to speed. We help employers create custom employee onboarding videos, personalized safety training material, and manager training to make sure that everyone knows how to best be a part of this Work Comp machine.

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Our Claims Success Liaisons Work With (Not Against) Your Adjusters.

Our Claims Success Liaisons Work With (Not Against) Your Adjusters.

Unfortunately, some brokers give the rest of us a bad rap when it comes to claims. We know that some brokers receive concern or pressure from their clients – then they call your claims team (without much in-depth knowledge of CA Work Comp claims themselves) and demand unreasonable results.

Our Claims Success Liaisons are here to help, not burden, your adjusters.

A friendly, male Whiteboard employee in a headset takes complete control of the claims process, giving the client total peace of mind

Our claims team is completely in-house and each of our Claims Liaisons receives thorough training of CA Work Comp claims procedure. We educate our clients on the same, then we proactively guide them through each open case. We coach them to provide proactive documentation, assist them in offering injured workers modified duty, and when necessary: help them understand more advanced claims procedures recommended by your team (QME process, DORs, settlement rationales, permanent work restrictions, etc.)

Loss Ratios to Get Excited About.

We get it, this all sounds great – but you want to see the data. No problem!

Check out the case studies we’ve compiled with many of our clients. By reducing claims frequency through triage response and by reducing overall claim spend through our proactive claims strategies, we drive X Mods down like the best in the business.

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