Claims Management.

Comprehensive Claims Management.

So…even with your best efforts, claims happen. Now what? We can help you take complete control of your claims, from open to close. Your employees will feel listened to and taken care of, you’ll always be up to speed on the status of your claims, and you can focus on the important things that drive your business.

A start-to-finish claims solution.

Everything In One Place

From the second an employee is referred to a clinic, all the way until the claim is closed—we have everything you need to document, track, and follow up on your claims.

We’ll Take It From Here

You can finally take off all those hats. We step in from the very beginning, take out all the guesswork, and do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Data At Your Fingertips

Real-time access to live claims data, strategy, and financials on your very own Claims Portal.

Immediate action makes the difference.

  • The first 24 – 48 hours following an injury are critical for a successful outcome, so our 24/7 triage intake team takes the claims call on a recorded line, right at the time of the injury.
  • Our claims team runs a medical cost forecast with Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) to determine an evolving claims strategy, which updates in real-time using AI-powered decision making.
  • Employers are provided a report of injury, all relevant claim forms, and a current recommendation for modified duty.

Here’s how it works:

*Personal Employee Liaison

Every injured worker gets their own personal, bilingual liaison to move them efficiently through the system. This greatly improves the employee’s level of care and significantly reduces the need for litigation.

A friendly, male Whiteboard employee in a headset takes complete control of the claims process, giving the client total peace of mind

**Claims Manager

No need to wonder or worry about a claim again—your claims manager will help you take complete control of your claims, from open to close. They oversee the entire claims process to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and that no question is left unanswered.

Virtually eliminate short-term indemnity.

  • We’ve vetted and partnered with the best non-profit placement centers in the nation to ensure that employees stay active, even if light duty isn’t available in your own operations.
  • Most carriers offer non-profit placement, but typically work in contract with a single vendor or two. These vendors tend to take 5-10 days for an average placement. Our partners find a non-profit placement within 24 hours, 98% of the time.
  • Reducing indemnity costs significantly reduces the cost of your claims, therefore reducing your X Mod, and ultimately your premiums. Our attention to the employee at the start lowers your cost at the finish.

Reduce reserves that artificially inflate cost.

  • Reserves artificially increase the cost of all Worker’s Comp claims, and adjusters don’t typically review reserves on frequent intervals unless there is a reason to increase the reserves. We do it differently.
  • We drive the direction of each claim from the moment in begins, reducing the original application of reserve dollars. As claims progress, we act as a persistent liaison between the clinic, employer, and adjusters to make sure that reserves are regularly reviewed and updated based on the latest medical information.
  • Since your claims data is submitted only once per year on your Unit Stat Date, we request a reserve rationale 60-90 days prior to this submission of data. This gives us time to review each dollar attributed to reserves to ensure that your carriers are reporting the most conservative figures.

Lean on us for legal accountability.

  • The defense attorneys that are appointed to defend any litigated claims owe their fiduciary responsibility to the insurance carrier. They’re not necessarily looking to make things worse for the employer, but they’re also not trained to understand how their claim handling ultimately impacts the policyholder.
  • We assist the legal team by providing them with our recorded injury statements, documents, and claims expertise. We serve as a liaison to make sure that claims are handled in your best interest—not just the interests of the carrier.
  • We’ve partnered with two defense firms that are intimately familiar with the Whiteboard process and uniquely prepared to use our platform to generate better results. With most carriers, we can petition that your claims (if litigated) are assigned to one of our partners for defense. Regardless, we’ll still review all settlements to ensure your interests have been prioritized.