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We’ve partnered with Stryke National Investigations, a full-service, national investigations firm devoted to mitigating the risks of clients via insurance fraud and defense investigations. Whiteboard works directly with Stryke to assign at binding, starting the process without having to initially involve the doctor.

Medical Canvass

Determine if the claimant received treatment prior to the accident.
Pinpoint whether injuries occurred outside of the workplace/incident.
See if the claimant has a history of injury claims.
Determine if the alleged injuries are part of pre-existing medical conditions.
Discover undisclosed treatments.


Investigators are skilled in covert monitoring of claimants with the intent of securing information, intelligence, and evidence documentation.
Stryke works with our clients to tailor a specific strategy for each case and employs the ideal surveillance personnel based on gender, ethnicity, etc.
Stryke utilizes state-of- the-art surveillance equipment complemented by proprietary methods, approaches, and techniques.

Clinic Inspection & Surveillance

Stryke investigators conduct an unannounced visit to the clinic in question to confirm the clinic is in fact in operation, and to verify all licensing, documents, and records.
Stryke investigators conduct continuous surveillance/documentation and record all subjects arriving at and departing from a specific clinic.
These efforts can be helpful in determining the legitimacy of the clinic, patient volume, length of stay relative to treatment, etc.

SMART Reports

Software that searches the entire web within minutes for maximum findings.
Pinpoint whether injuries occurred outside of the workplace/incident.
Utilize facial recognition software to find hidden profiles faster.
Search criminal/civil records nationwide quicker than ever.

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