Make Work Comp work for you.

The California Work Comp system is broken. From employees and adjusters, to attorneys and physicians, everyone benefits financially when your business has claims, except you. We’re here to change that.


Actual results, guaranteed.

You’ve never even heard of a platform like this. A modern program, uniquely designed to completely protect business owners from any of the complications that arise within the world of Work Comp.

Less stress, lower premiums, and more money back into your bottom line. We stand by this 100%, or your money back – plus 5% of your annual premium.

Hand icon preventing high X Mod and premiums
Reduced X Mod and Premiums

Reduced X Mod & Premiums

We drastically reduce claims frequency and severity, resulting in lower X Mods and lower premiums across the board.

Gauge icon representing a low level of claims and risk
87% average reduction in claims

87% average reduction in claims

Our mobile triage response is available 24/7. We don’t just manage claims – we keep most injuries from becoming claims at all.

Medical kit icon representing better, personalized employee care
Better, faster employee care

Better, faster employee care

Our bilingual technicians are available around the clock and come treat your employees on site. More personalized care, no waiting rooms.

Three employees icon representing superior employee support after a claim is filed
Superior employee support

Superior employee support

When a claim must be filed, we guide your employees through the system to maximize support & minimize litigation.

Caution icon alerting for potential fraud
Eliminate fraud

Eliminate fraud

Proactive fraud defense is built into the platform, each step of the way.

Put your time back in your business

Put your time back in your business

You do what you do best, run your business. Our experts handle every aspect of the Work Comp management and you can be involved as much (or as little) as you’d like to be.

Money bag icon representing reimbursements clients receive after Whiteboard audits their insurance carrier
Retroactive Premium Reimbursements

Retroactive Premium Reimbursements

Your carrier audits you every year, who audits your carrier? We do. And we find errors in their data 70% of the time, meaning you get money back.

Systematize your injury response

Systematize your injury response

We customize the processes and training for your company to install proven injury-response protocols that minimize confusion and maximize efficiency.

In-house solutions for every Work Comp complexity.

Most brokers and carriers claim to offer the same wide variety of resources, strategies, and services. The truth is, their bottom line forces them to outsource critical steps, so they overpromise in order to compete. After working with a number of these third parties ourselves, we were as unsatisfied with their results as you are.

We found that the only way to do this right was to bring everything in-house. The result is a highly customized and comprehensive platform, where every individual strategy is improved by those around it.


Sound too good to be true?

500+ businesses have upgraded to Whiteboard. Here’s what they’re saying.

Reduce Every Work Comp Quote You Receive By Up To 50%

Meet a modern alternative to traditional brokers that’s better for your business, your employees, and your bottom line.

We help you save tens of thousands of dollars annually by minimizing your X Mod to maximize your savings – in a way no one else can.

Trusted By 500+ Clients And Counting!

The X Mod
Is The X Factor

The best kept secret in Worker’s Comp:
Your X Mod Can Be Controlled!

Outside of changes to your payroll, your X Mod is the largest controllable factor that determines how much you’ll pay for Worker’s Compensation.

It’s the precise line item that allows your insurance carrier to multiply your premiums and remain highly profitable, even when you have claims.

Our intimate understanding of your X Mod allows us to strategically reduce it. Maximize your savings and add tens of thousands of dollars back to your bottom line at every renewal.

Focused Process,
Unconventional Results

Traditional brokers don’t have the tools, resources, and expertise to minimize your X Mod. Carriers protect themselves before you. And almost every other party in California is looking to take advantage; from attorneys and physicians to certain employees and brokers.

Nobody knows X Mods like us. And we’ve built our entire business around systematically reducing yours every step of the way.

Now, try it risk-free with the Whiteboard Guarantee.

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of workplace injuries no longer become a claim.
reduction in short-term indemnity cost on claims.
success rate for finding you retroactive reimbursements
results backed up by our Whiteboard Guarantee!

Employer And Employee Benefits

We prevent nearly 9/10 injuries from becoming claims, close open claims twice as fast, and take total control of claims on your behalf.

Together, we’ll carefully minimize your X Mod, add dollars directly to your bottom line, and multiply your savings over time.

Proven Claims Prevention

Our bilingual triage team is available 24/7 and will prevent 87% of injuries from becoming claims—no matter where or when they happen.
No claim, no cost.

Better and Faster Employee Care

Our average response time is 1/3 the average time spent in a waiting room. Personalized follow ups ensure your employees feel cared for during their recovery.

Comprehensive Claims Management

Piecemealed third-party solutions never lead to significant savings. Our in-house, comprehensive, and data-driven approach ensures you avoid every unnecessary and unexpected cost.

Retroactive Premium Reimbursements

We find critical X Mod errors in our very first data audit 70% of the time. Those errors lead to retroactive refunds that go right back to your bottom line.

Superior Tools, Support, & Resources

Get unlimited HR support from a dedicated SPHR, OSHA assistance to prevent fines and penalties, key safety documents and trainings, real-time claims tracking, and more support for everything adjacent.

Results Like These
Backed By Our Guarantee

We guarantee fewer claims, better employee care, and significant savings.

Here’s just a sample of the results Whiteboard has generated for businesses of all sizes. If you’d like to reduce your Work Comp costs, we’d be happy to estimate your potential savings.

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*Total savings depend on several factors, including the size of the business and nature of operations.

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