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“We were tired of the same old agents… That only called us when it was time to renew.”

Alford Distributing is a family-owned and operated wholesale distributorship in the Imperial Valley. The company has been in business for over 75 years and has a team of 44 employees.

A few years ago, Alford Distributing was struggling with a high X Mod that was driving up their workers’ compensation premiums. They decided to partner with Whiteboard to help them reduce their X Mod.

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Whiteboard is a workers’ compensation insurance brokerage that specializes in X Mod repair. We have a team of experts who work with our client to identify and implement strategies to reduce X Mods.

“Whiteboard cleaned up the mess of our previous agents.”

Whiteboard worked with Alford Distributing to assess their current risk management practices and identify areas where they could improve. We also helped Alford Distributing implement our comprehensive mod-reducing platform to reduce their claims’ frequency and severity.

As a result of their partnership with Whiteboard, Alford Distributing was able to reduce their X Mod by a third! This has saved them tens of thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation premiums.

In addition to reducing their X Mod, Alford Distributing also saw benefits to their own time and attention on matters – due to Whiteboard’s comprehensive claims management services. Whiteboard handled all of Alford Distributing’s workers’ compensation claims, from start to finish. This freed up Alford Distributing’s time and resources so they could focus on running their business.

“(Whiteboard) handles everything that I used to do and much faster and much better because that’s what they do for living. That’s not what I do for a living. And so it has taken a huge load off of my shoulders.”

Here are some of the key strategies that we used to help Alford Distributing reduce their X Mod:

  • Identifying and addressing risk factors: Whiteboard worked with Alford Distributing to identify and address the risk factors that were contributing to their high X Mod. This included things like improving their safety procedures, providing training to employees, and implementing a return-to-work program.
  • Managing claims effectively: Whiteboard handled all of Alford Distributing’s workers’ compensation claims, from start to finish. This ensured that claims were handled promptly and efficiently and that Alford Distributing was getting the best possible outcome.
  • Providing ongoing support: Whiteboard provided Alford Distributing with ongoing support to help them maintain their reduced X Mod. This included things like reviewing their risk management practices and providing training to employees.
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