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The Future of Insurance Claims Management

At Whiteboard we pride ourselves on being the #1 resource for X Mod Management. We’ve built out our entire platform to have a strategy available for everything that could come your way with regards to Work Comp claims and their costs. However, there are undoubtedly issues that move through the workers’ compensation system and into adjacent fields such as Safety, Data Management, and HR. At Whiteboard, we are ready and equipped to build you the most competitive insurance portfolio, and so much more.

Here, we’ll be explaining what some of those “more” items are.

  • Data Management – when we start our partnership with your company, our data team performs a reverse audit of your previous experience modifications to find errors that are not in your favor. This proprietary data check uses all the information (payroll, audits, claims, and unit statistical filing data) that goes into calculating your experience modification for the past four years. About 70% of the time, we find errors right off the bat that negatively impact our clients, resulting in return premiums, after we have the issues corrected with the WCIRB. Moving forward, we make sure all data is passed to the rating bureau accurately and is handled in the most expedited manner.


  • Fraud prevention and Defense – the workers compensation system in California is basically legal fraud. There have been people from all parties involved (employees, doctors, and attorneys) arrested for workers compensation fraud. Whiteboard steps in to complete background checks and proprietary fit-for-duty testing. Alongside the fraud prevention, we have partnered with Albert & Mackenzie, who specialize in defending employers against the fraudulent workers compensation system. Because Whiteboard functions as your broker, we are able to request assigning counsel for all claims, which allows us to work directly with the attorney defending you.
    • To help stop employees from seeking legal representation, Whiteboard has Injured Employee Liaison’s to step in right away to help the injured worker through the process, as it can be challenging at times. Oftentimes, employees are unsure of what steps need to be taken and can easily get confused when contacted by all different parties involved (doctors, adjusters, case managers, etc.). This confusion is one of the largest reasons that injured workers seek litigation. Even if they are just looking for help, once a claim becomes litigated the costs and life of the claim will both be increased.
  • Safety and Training – Whiteboard will assist with hundreds of safety and certification classes, as well as give you access to a company that was built strictly to provide safety and compliance resources. Partnering with Whiteboard includes a web and mobile app that has over 500 tailgate meetings in both English and Spanish that includes e-signature documentation for all employees that participate.
    • If a workplace incident is to occur, Whiteboard steps in with a bilingual, 24/7 recorded triage hotline staffed by nurses and combat military medics train to assess injuries over
      the phone. If care cannot be treated telephonically, we dispatch a medical technician to the employee’s location to treat them under the OSHA guidelines of First Aid. By managing workplace injuries at the time of the incident, Whiteboard effectively stops 87% of all workplace injuries from ever becoming a claim.
  • Human Resources – Whiteboard gives you access to a 24/7 Human Resources (HR) portal that includes all new laws, forms, and policies to keep you state and federally compliant. We also have a Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR) on call that will help you navigate any employee related issues – even outside of workers compensation. Whiteboard can help you create new policies or procedures, customize your HR documents, and even design customized employee handbooks that will be your first line of defense in employee litigation.


  • Media – another one of the “extra” services Whiteboard offers is help with media. We can help improve the way your business looks with vendors, clients, or even insurance underwriters. Sometimes media is a great way to grab the people’s attention. This could help for hiring purposes or could make the employees pay more attention to safety and training, resulting in fewer workplace injuries. We have created videos for new employee onboarding, underwriting videos, or even a full commercial. We are all about creativity, so if you have an idea and need a media team to execute your vision – you’ve found it.

We have numerous strategies to help aggressively manage your claims so that claims are closed as quickly as possible and with the fewest amount of claims dollars spent. This is great news for your experience mod rating. There’s claims management then there’s Whiteboard. Who do you want in your corner?

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