A one-stop
shop for all
things safety.

A one-stop shop for all things safety.

The ultimate resource for all things safety and training. Hundreds of safety and certification classes at your fingertips; simply schedule with the tap of a button. We built Whiteboard to treat safety and training as paramount— Because the best claim is the one that never happens.

Smart phone with a 'Digital Safety Library' open, and information about common types of injuries like slips, trips, and falls

Get proactive with your safety & training.

Safety brochures and material at your fingertips, ready for huddle-ups and on-the-job learning.

Your employees can get real certifications necessary for their role, or to advance in the company.

All of your OSHA resources in one place.

Citations Defense

Protect your bottom line and maintain a positive public image. Reduce financial penalties associated with citations, mitigate potential damage to your reputation that can result from OSHA violations, and avoid costly lawsuits.

OSHA Inspection

OSHA inspections can provide valuable information and guidance for maintaining compliance and improving workplace safety. Reduce your risk of fines and penalties, improve your overall workplace safety culture, and achieve a safer and more efficient work environment.

Safety Documentation

Proper safety documentation serves as a training tool for employees, a line of communication between management and employees, and a tool to identify accident patterns—preventing future incidents and improving overall safety.

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