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The days of chasing down adjusters for claim updates are over. Everything you need is now at your fingertips, inside the Whiteboard Portal.

Not only can you access critical claims data in real time (including status updates, financial reporting, patterns, analytics, and more), our experts regularly analyze this data to provide actionable insights, optimize your risk management strategies, and ensure we’re maxing out your results.

Whiteboard vs. California

We performed a comprehensive audit to compare the results of our claims management process against the average cost of the same injuries for California as a whole. WCIRB data shows that the 6 most commonly occurring claims are: Strain by Lifting, Repetitive Motion, Cumulative Trauma, Slip/Trip & Fall, Lacerations, and Struck by.

GQ Landscape hasn’t had a claim in over 2 years, despite 27 workplace injuries.

Mario Quiroz, President of Whiteboard's client GQ Landscape CareMario Quiroz, President, GQ Landscape Care

Woods Maintenance has saved more than $3.5 million since 2017.

Barry Woods, President, Woods Maintenance Services

Case Studies

A deep dive into the results we’ve generated for some of our clients. As you can see, our impact only improves over time.

Comm. Lumber & Pallet
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ACT Fulfillment
GQ Landscape Care
Le Perv Landscape, Inc.
Atka Enterprises

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