Our Founders

Different agencies,
same issues.

Our founders (John, Jeff, and Dallas) started as brokers at typical insurance agencies. All they could do was watch as their clients fell victim to their X Mod, year after year. Suddenly, long-term clients were unable to bid on jobs. Claims spread like wildfire. Opportunistic employees, lawyers, and doctors took advantage. Premiums were multiplying and bottom lines were taking a nosedive for clients, regardless of industry.

Some clients were driven out of state. Others, out of business. No quote could save them because no quote could fix their real problem – the X Mod.

Our Mission

Help California-based businesses thrive.

What if you could cut your Work Comp costs in half? What if you could save tens of thousands of dollars on your premiums each year? What if you could prevent almost 9/10 injuries from becoming claims? Most importantly, what if we could help you do all of these and more?

These are the result of making the system work for you, not against you. Achieve this with a partner that solves your Worker’s Compensation problems at their core.

Our Belief

We’re not just your broker,
we’re your partner.

Every broker claims to be “different” to win your business. Before Whiteboard, we felt like hypocrites doing the same. That’s why we built Whiteboard to produce dramatic savings and dramatically different results. We deliver on our promises in ways traditional brokers can’t while treating you like a partner, not a paycheck.

What’s next?

Connect with an X Mod expert today.

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