Faster, more
comprehensive care
for your employees.

Faster, more comprehensive care for your employees.

Our fleet of bilingual, OSHA-certified injury technicians have demonstrably and dramatically reduced our clients’ claims cost, and 87% of the time we prevent a claim from happening at all. This is more than just sending help—it’s our commitment to the employee every step of the way that makes the difference.

Triage response technician with a medical bag, arriving onsite to help an injured employee

Get your people the care they need.

Faster Care

The average wait time at a greater-Los Angeles clinic is over 2 hours. Our average response time is 45 minutes – 1 hour in most cities and surrounding areas.

Avoid Waiting Rooms

Nobody wants to spend time waiting at the clinic. Treating an employee like a person instead of a number means staying out of the clinic if it isn’t necessary.

Personalized Follow-Ups

We check in constantly to make sure people are getting the proper care, and our attention to your employees’ care reflects back on you.

Employer results follow employee-focused care.

Reduced Claims Frequency

87% of the time we’re involved, injuries that otherwise would have become claims…simply don’t.

Reduced Claims Cost

Claims happen. The goal isn’t to squash legitimate claims, it’s to keep a predatory Worker’s Compensation system at bay, protecting both the employee and the employer.

Reduced Litigation

People aren’t usually malicious, but if they feel overwhelmed or intimidated, an attorney is a logical place to start. We bear that burden, and employees that feel taken care of hardly ever litigate.

What type of injuries do we treat?

We follow the OSHA guidelines for first aid. You can see our full Scope of Triage here. For any injury that falls under OSHA’s guidelines for first aid, we treat it exactly the way it would be treated in a clinic, without the stress and headaches of actually being at the clinic. And again—we stop 87% of injuries from becoming claims at all. Our method works.

Here’s how it works:

We speak English and Spanish, and use the same translation services used by 911 to help anyone that speaks other languages.

So…what happens when a claim is necessary?

We’re the best in the industry at preventing claims, but some are inevitable. Our expertise only gets better throughout the claims process; check out how we do it here.