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Insurance Adjuster and Chiropractor both arrested for over $1.6 Million in undeserved payouts. 

Unfortunately, we see this all the time. An insurance adjuster and a chiropractor in California were just arrested for over $1.6 million paid out in undeserved insurance payments and both are now facing felony charges.

Usually, the mention of “Work Comp fraud” makes people think of an employee who fakes an injury in an attempt to get a payout. We have actually found that all parties in the Work Comp system (excluding the employer) are incentivized to unnecessarily increase the cost of your claims. As an employer operating in this kind of environment, it’s important that you have a defense in place for each step in the life of a claim to ensure that each claim is handled as efficiently and appropriately as possible.

If you flip back to our X Watch platform (link in the tabs above) – you’ll see that with Whiteboard, Fraud Prevention is built in to each step of our platform.

This is just the most recent of many examples of Work Comp fraud being exposed. These two, in this example, were caught after they paid out 1.6 million dollars more than they should have been. Imagine how much fraud goes undiscovered. Your claims could be experiencing tens of thousands of unnecessary claims payments – drastically increasing your X Mod and premiums.

It’s important to take a proactive approach to ensure that you’re not the next employer footing the bill for the fraudulent profit of others.

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