Frequently asked questions:

Our service is built on transparency – see below for questions we’re commonly asked.

Is Whiteboard an insurance company? PEO?2019-08-20T13:54:15-07:00

Nope, we’re independent – which means we can access any carrier or PEO to ensure you’re in the best possible spot.

I love my broker but want Whiteboard’s resources, is that possible?2019-08-20T13:55:02-07:00

Keep your broker, we are more than happy to arrange a consulting agreement where you can have access to all resources.

My business has locations all over the country, can Whiteboard still help?2019-08-20T13:56:13-07:00

Absolutely, we’re licensed in many states and have clients in most states. Give us a call or send us an email to confirm that your operations fall within our reach.

Are you insurance brokers?2019-08-20T13:59:11-07:00

We can be! And to be frank, it’s how we operate with most of our clients.

However, for those of you with unbreakable ties to your broker we can also work with clients in a variety of ways and still provide our full platform of X Mod reduction resources.

How high can my X Mod go?2019-08-20T14:01:11-07:00

We consider a Mod over 100 to be high. The farther your Mod goes over 100, the more you’re overpaying in your premiums.

We’ve seen mods in the 400’s, 500’s and higher. But those companies don’t usually stay in business much longer. When your mod gets up over 200, you’re usually paying close to 3 TIMES what you should be at that point – so call us before you get anywhere close to that high.

What number should my X Mod be?2021-06-24T10:10:14-07:00

The variability that your X Mod can take on is related to the size of your company.

Very small companies with 10 employees or less should usually aim to keep the mod in the low 80’s. 10-50 employees, you’ll want your mod closer to 70. 50+ employees, you can get your mod down as low as a 60.

There’s some variability across industries here too, so if you want a specific Mod goal for your company just give us a call!

What insurance companies do you work with?2019-08-20T14:01:47-07:00

We can work with all carriers except Direct Writers (State Farm, Farmer’s, Allstate).

Who calculates my X Mod?2021-06-24T10:09:55-07:00

Your X Mod is calculated and published by the WCIRB.

You can find out how to view your X Mod calculation and what important figures to look out for by watching the video on this topic in our Tutorials page.

How do you know what my company’s X Mod is?2019-08-20T14:03:16-07:00

The X Mod rating is public information. Each year, your updated Mod rating is posted to the WCIRB website.

We have fraudulent claims – can you still help?2019-08-20T14:03:59-07:00

Absolutely. Our platform was designed to protect you from fraud – not just from fraudulent employees, but from all parties in the Work Comp system.

Our entire process fits together to make sure you’re protected from fraud in all forms. To explore our comprehensive X Watch plan in detail, follow the X Watch link in the top right hand corner of your screen.

How do you lower the X Mod?2021-06-24T10:08:42-07:00

The X Mod is driven up by your claims costs.

Our platform efficiently manages all parties in the Work Comp system in order to drive down the cost of your claims and keep unnecessary injuries from entering the system at all. To do this, there’s a lot of variables at work simultaneously. To view the process one component at a time, check out our X Watch page using the link in the top right corner.

How much do you charge?2019-08-20T14:14:40-07:00

Obviously, this only works for us if we’re putting money back into your bottom line.

In order to make the partnership most efficient on both ends, our compensation is built to be variable in response to what makes sense to your business.

We can operate as brokers, or consultants. We also offer tiered levels of service depending on what your company needs.

Long story short, we need a little more information to give you an accurate idea. Give us a call and we’d be happy to explain what the options are and see what would be a good fit!

Still have questions?

Let us know!

Still have questions?

Let us know!